Why You Need OEE

Why You Need OEE

Why You Need OEE

This simple system can improve profitability and  production volumes through quality control.


System Summary

We supply a web based integrated system, this system can be divided into 2 main sections on-site and off-site systems.

On-Site System

The on-site system involves a Human Interface Device(HID) for each production line that provides

  • OEE data to the production Operator in real time
  • Allows the operator to view scheduled production runs
  • A simple input input system of the REASON for down time or stoppage

And at least one data recorder on each production line.

What makes our system unique is that the HID and the Data Recorder are standalone items that connect to the system via a dedicated WIFI network.

Human Interface Device(HID)

Our HID’s are provided in a Stainless Steel enclosure with a floor mounter stand. The screen is made of tuff glass and is in full HD graphics

We install these at a convenient point for management and staff to access them easily. The HID’s are used to capture Manual and automated data as well as display Management and staff with real-time production efficiencies.


Data Recorders

A standard production sensor / product detector is hard wired to our propriety developed data recorder. The pulses sent are  recorded and sent too a central server every 60 seconds via a dedicated WIFI.

Off-Site System

This is the data storage and graphic interface that makes a pile of data into meaningful statistics

The Off-site system consists of a SQL Database hosted on a secure web server. The web server will store all manual and automatically recorded data.

The Data will be accessible via

Website access –  A password protected web service will allow you to view

  • Real-time dashboard
  • Reports for specific time periods with graphs
  • Download Data in MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Re-Play any Date and Time
  • Time-laps watch any 8 Hour Shift in 8 minutes


Smart phone App – Android phone app

  • Real-time dashboard
  • Notifications via APP
  • SMS Notification – Additional Extra




The OEE Monitoring System is consider a software system even though some hardware is part of the overall system. It is the norm in Software Development that 50% of the total cost of the system is payable on acceptance of the Quotation and the balance on handover of the system. A portion of the system is dependant on a annual service fee to supply and maintain the off-site system.


From the Acceptance of the quotation the following will happen


  • manufacturing and programming – The Human Interface Devices will be manufactured and configured This will take approximately 4 weeks.
  • The installation and setup will take 1 week
  • Onsite Training should not take long but we will have to stagger training according to your shifts.
  • Monitoring and support – We will provide free off-site support any callouts to site will be charged for separately.




Currently the world trend is the Overall Equipment Efficiency OEE measurement system to simplify any manufacturing process into a single percentage. We offer an automated data capturing system that can give you real time reporting updated every 60 seconds.