About Live OEE

About Live OEE

Our goal is to make OEE simple and affordable so that every manufacturing company can implement this OEE tool as widely as world class companies. By improving downtime,  productivity, quality,  efficiency & performance, Live OEE can help you reach the goal. For more information About Live OEE go to the ‘?’ on the left.

Advantages of Live OEE

  • Inform & motivate plant personnel
  • Display important key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Monitor your real-time production data anywhere in the world
  • Collect production data to evaluate your process
  • Minimize downtime and setup costs
  • Reduce material scrap through alarms and monitoring
  • Alert with early warnings of change in production process
  • Replace whiteboard style monitoring and data collection

Who Are We?

Live OEE Systems is an engineering company designing, programming, and manufacturing visual displays and Live OEE System scoreboards to help improve machine productivity within manufacturing facilities.

Live OEE Systems sells their products through distribution allowing product knowledge, application assistance, and technical support to be available at your local plant level.

Only 3 Products Live OEE Requires to Operate

Operator Console

OEE Operator Console

Product Counter

OEE Product Counter

Local Server

OEE Local Server


If you would like a free onsite demonstration go to our contact page and send us an email so we can arrange to demonstrate this system on one of your production lines. If not have a look at our demo factory

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